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tablet pabrikan dari inggris, tablet mungil 50mg ini dahsyat membangkitkan gairah dan keperkasaan pria dalam waktu relatif singkat. mampu mempertahankan kejantatan seperti yang di inginkan pria dalam hubungan PASUTRI.

dalam viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy tablet, 1 sisi tercetak C50 dan di lapisi warna kuning mentah.  isi 4 tablet.

CIALIS 50mg tadalafil

Selama rangsangan seksual, Cialis memungkinkan seorang pria, untuk mengisi dengan darah yang cukup untuk menyebabkan ereksi. Setelah seks berakhir, ereksi hilang. Anda akan mendapatkan ereksi dengan hanya mengambil Cialis. Rangsangan seksual diperlukan untuk Cialis menjadi efektif. Dokter Anda atau ahli kesehatan selalu Anda sumber informasi terbaik ketika mengevaluasi pengobatan untuk masalah ereksi.

Hasil tes menunjukkan bahwa dari 700 peserta sekurang-kurangnya 88% dari orang mengalami perbaikan dengan ereksi


1 tablet di minum, 30menit sebelum berhubungan.

Fifth Circuit: No, you can't prove Requip causes gambling
What happens is Vegas should stay in Vegas - and should not be turned into a product liability suit.  That's the takeaway from Wells v. SmithKline Beecham Corp., No. 09-50244, slip op. (5th Cir. March 22, 2010).  Somebody who had been gambling (and losing) for more than thirty years tried to claim that a online pharmacy viagra for Parkinson's disease causes him to lose still more after he began taking the drugs.

As the Fifth Circuit, observed, none of plaintiff's three experts could say that the drug caused gambling:  Expert #1 ("we don’t have enough data to suggest causality"); Expert #2 ("has a cause-and-effect relationship been established . . .?  No.”).  Expert #3 ("I cannot say [the drug] directly causes [pathological gambling].  What I can say is that there is an association between the two variables. . . .  [T]hat’s different than talking about the issue of causation.”).  Slip op. at 6.

Umpire Daubert says, "strike three, your out."

Amazingly, the plaintiff appealed.  The Fifth Circuit rung the plaintiff up again:

While “[w]e . . . understand that in epidemiology hardly any study is ever conclusive, and we do not suggest that an expert must back his or her opinion with published studies that unequivocally support his or her conclusions,” here there is simply too great an analytical gap between the data and the opinion proffered.  And the bases for the experts’ conclusions pass none of the applicable Daubert tests:  that [the drug] causes problem gambling is not generally accepted, has not been subjected to peer review and publication, and is not backed by studies meeting requisite scientific standards. Without the expert testimony, Wells cannot prove general causation – and judgment must be entered for GSK.
Slip op. at 8-9 (footnotes and other stuff omitted).  "[T]he scientific knowledge is not yet there."  Id. at 9.

And don't bet on baseball, either.

We're told that congrats to Marcy Greer, Stephanie Smith, and Stacey Martinez of Fullbright & Jaworski, and to Cindy Bennes of Phillips Lytle.

Free Viagra causes problems in small town.

Little Brazilian town gets stiff opposition to handing out free cheap viagra.

The mayor of a Novo Santo Antonio in Brazil has begun handing out free cialis to men in the city over 60. It was part of a health program set up by the city council But the program has also had the unforeseen consequence of encouraging some extra-marital affairs. The mayor says "Some of the old men aren't seeking out their
wives. They've got romances on the side." Wives have complained. Now the Viagra is given to the WIVES of the men on the program so, as the mayor says, "When the women are in the mood, THEY can give the pills to their husbands."

Did that Brazilian cat really give birth to dogs?

Results are expected today from tests done by a geneticist of blood samples from three puppies in a poor neighborhood in Passo Fundo in southern Brazil to settle a dispute over a claim they were born from a cat. The doctor says "It's rather simple really. If the puppies prove to have 78 chromosomes, they are dogs. If they have 38, they are cats." A family claims their cat Mimi had given birth to the three puppies as well as three kittens, which did not survive. and believe a neighborhood dog is the father of Mimi's pups. When news of the spectacular claim spread in the Brazilian media, some local newspapers accused the poor couple of fraud and said they were simply trying to make money off a hoax. The doctor says "It's not uncommon for mammals to nurse young from another species. The cat gave birth in a field and she likely inherited the puppies from a nearby female dog who had recently given birth."


Rich's Soap Opera "As The World Groans"

A seal walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink.

The bartender asks the seal, "What's your pleasure?"

The seal replies, "Anything but Canadian Club."


Rich's Crazy News Story Of The Day
A man dubbed the 'Hairy Christmas Fairy' is spending hundreds of pounds paying for people's shopping. The Sun reports the middle-aged man dresses in a pink fairy outfit including tutu, tiara, wings and wand. As well as paying for shopping, he also hands out free lottery tickets in towns across Cornwall. Each time the man does a good deed, he leaves a card with a picture of a fairy and a handwritten note saying: "You'll be hearing a lot about me - the Hairy Christmas Fairy."


Officer Hancock's police blotter:
Police in Brookfield, Ohio say a local woman has allegedly had a bad habit of tossing her McDonald's bags in yards. Cops nabbed her by working with McDonalds and putting numbers on her bags. The numbered bags were later found discarded in yards.


Rich's thought to ponder:
Work is for people who don't know how to fish.


Rich's Showbiz Report:
Michael Richards stunned a comedy club audience, shouting racial slurs at people who heckled him during a stand-up routine. The 57-year-old actor-comedian, best known for playing Jerry Seinfeld's eccentric neighbor Kramer on the hit TV show "Seinfeld," was performing at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood Friday night when he launched into the verbal rampage, according to video posted on The tirade apparently began after two black audience members started shouting at him that he wasn't funny. I can't repeat what Michael Richards said. TMZ.COM has the video. Richards performed the next night at the Laugh Factory without incident. Richards told one news network off camera he felt sorry for what had happened and had made amends.


Rich's True Country Report:
Carrie Underwood is headlining the Salvation Army Red Kettle Kickoff Concert during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on Thanksgiving. Carrie will perform songs from her quadruple-platinum selling debut album, "Some Hearts." She was nominated at the upcoming American Music Awards and People's Choice Awards and was recently named CMA Female Vocalist of the Year.


Rich's quote of of the day:
My husband gave me a necklace. It's fake. I requested fake. Maybe I'm paranoid, but in this day and age, I don't want something around my neck that's worth more than my head.
Rita Rudner


Flash From The Hancock News Service!
A skiing enthusiast has broken two world records - despite being blind. Kevin 'Cannonball' Alderton first hit a blistering 105mph at a course in Les Arcs, France. And last week, he set an indoor record in Landgraaf, Holland, where he reached more than 56mph. 35 year old Kevin says: "On the course I have a two-way radio in my helmet so my guide can speak to me. He alerts me if I veer too far to either side. I am concentrating too hard on what he says to have time to worry about what is coming up in front of me." Kevin lost his sight after trying to stop thugs attacking a woman near his home in North London.

Can Health Clinics Address a Need with Fertility Awareness-Based Family Planning?
Can cialis Clinics Address a Need with Fertility Awareness-Based Family Planning?

It’s pretty common knowledge these days that there are high rates of both contraceptive discontinuation and unintended pregnancies in the U.S. Could increasing the availability of fertility awareness-based family planning options at family planning clinics help address these issues by meeting the needs of women looking to prevent pregnancy without hormones?

The Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University is working with partners in California and Massachusetts to seek answers to this question. IRH, the Center for Health Training, and John Snow Inc. have been working with selected clinics to integrate CycleBeads®, an easy to use, highly effective fertility awareness-based family planning option, into their offerings. The experience is being evaluated to determine whether including CycleBeads in the method mix is beneficial, from the perspective of both providers and clients. This work is funded under a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs.

Right now, the study is still following up with clients. However, preliminary results from the needs assessment and evaluation have been positive and were presented last month at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in Denver. Thus far, the experience has shown that:

  • There is a perceived need for a method like CycleBeads in the communities served by the clinics. As one community member said, “I always wanted to do the calendar thing (to track my menstrual cycles) but never knew how.”
  • After being trained and offering CycleBeads for a period of time, all providers and counselors found it easy to teach the method and felt that the clinic should continue to offer it.
  • Of the 30 CycleBeads users interviewed so far, what these women liked most about the method was that it was easy to use and had no side effects. They also enjoyed being able to track their cycles.
  • Barriers to method use include the fact that some women who wish to use the method are not eligible to do so because they have cycles out of the 26-32-day range, or can’t negotiate sex with their partner.

Lise Ching, Center Manager of one of the participating clinics, feels good about their experience offering CycleBeads so far. She states, “Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Modesto Health Center is proud to include the Standard Days Method using CycleBeads as part of the array of birth control options for our patients. We feel strongly that increasing provider and staff member knowledge about this method has allowed us to inform our patients about this wonderful, natural method. We’ve had a number of patients say that they’ve been looking for something that’s easy to use and contains no hormones. We’ve also found that providing this method has opened up our Center to women who may not have ever thought to access Planned Parenthood before. Through their interest in CycleBeads, we’ve been able to link these women to additional services such as breast and cervical cancer screening.”

So far, this experience suggests that it is feasible and beneficial to offer a fertility awareness-based family planning option like CycleBeads in U.S. clinics. Like all birth control options, CycleBeads is not appropriate for all clients, but was chosen by some looking for a non-hormonal option. More evaluation results will be required before conclusions can be drawn about continuation, correct use, and satisfaction among CycleBeads users.

In the meantime, CycleBeads can be obtained at the following participating clinics:

In Massachusetts:

Health Quarters
19 Broadway
Beverly, MA 01915

Health Quarters
101 Amesbury Street, Suite 202
Lawrence, MA 01840

In California:

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
Modesto Health Center

1431 McHenry Avenue, Suite 100
Modesto, CA 95350

Marin Community Clinics
6100 Redwood Boulevard
Novato, CA 94945

Marin Community Clinics
3110 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael, CA 94901

Source of data: Lavoie K, Jennings V., Marshall R, et al. Strategic Approach to Contraceptive Introduction: Offering CycleBeads/SDM in Title X Clinics. Poster presented at APHA in Denver, November 2010.


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